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Plan Your Visit

Accessing the Trail

Learn more about how and where to access the trail, and download maps.

Sights to See, Things to Do

More info coming soon!


Nature and History Along the Trail

The natural resources of this area provided prehistoric peoples, Native Americans and early non-native immigrants with the materials they needed to survive.


This rich environment allowed local populations to settle, grow, and develop new technologies, leading to the 1869 construction of the railway that will serve as the base of the Kickapoo Rail Trail.


This line, originally the Indianapolis, Bloomington, and Western Railway, allows travelers of today to ride and walk in the footsteps of Native Americans, early settlers, and even the young attorney Abraham Lincoln, who rode a nearby route on horseback as part of the 8th Judicial Circuit.

Safety Information

For your own safety and to make your trip more enjoyable, please remember:

  • Parking is not allowed on County roadways that intersect the trail.

  • Park only in designated areas.

  • Please do not block private driveways or agricultural-access areas.

  • Keep your car locked and valuables hidden from sight.

  • Do you have your necessities on your person such as keys, water, pet leash, kid’s needs, etc.?

  • Do you have your bike lock with you?

  • Check with local agencies to determine proper parking areas or requirements.

  • No overnight parking is allowed.

  • In some cases, you may park your car at a local business. Be sure to request permission ahead of time.

  • Make note of mile markers or street crossings during your visit in case of emergency.

  • Never leave pets in your car no matter how short your visit may be.

  • If you have an emergency, please call 911.

Rules and Regulations

The full list of rules and regulations.

Please stay on the trail!
Obey signs and signals!
Share the Trail

When using the trail everyone should follow the same rules:

  • Be courteous

  • Obey signs and signals

  • Watch for children and pets

  • Keep to the right

  • Pass on the left

  • Give warning

Trail Etiquette

Take only pictures; leave only footprints.
It may be tempting to pick flowers or take a frog with you, but the Kickapoo Rail Trail is their home. Let them stay.

What you bring with you should leave with you.
Dispose of garbage in the proper receptacles and be sure to take your personal belongings with you when you leave

Be alert and courteous on the trail.
Walkers to the right; always pass on the left.

Dogs on leashes are welcome.
Chasing wildlife and digging holes are fun for dogs, but harmful to the environment. Please pick up after your dog.

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