Friends of the KRT

Work together to develop a mission and vision for the

Friends of the KRT

First Steps in Organizing a Friends Group

Hold a General Meeting

To find people who care about the trail, schedule a meeting in a public place, invite everyone you know, post flyers all over the neighborhood, and publicize the meeting any way you think will work. Use the meeting to discuss the trail and what people want to do as Friends.

Continue Recruiting

Use every opportunity to bring more people into your group. There is power in numbers.

Setting Your Goals

Setting goals is one of the first things you will do as a group. It is important to make a distinction between your group’s overarching mission and the steps that you will take to achieve it. Achieving a lofty mission requires taking small, tangible steps. These steps are your group’s goals. Your mission is most likely one or more of these things

General Discussions, Decisions, and Actions

Elected Leadership: Though members usually vote for the “natural leaders” anyway, elections ensure that your group is democratic versus having one person make all the decisions. Regular elections also mean that many members get opportunities to lead.


Form Committees: Committees are a great way to delegate responsibility and find new leaders. By spreading out the work, responsibility, and credit among many people, committees let you get more done.


Official Memberships: By officially recognizing and documenting members, you create a support group—people you send emails to, ask to volunteer and donate, and count as “members” when you are asking someone else for money.


A Name and a Logo: A name makes your group official, while a logo creates your identity on flyers, email, letterhead and business cards.


Hold Regular Meetings: Leaders can report to members and ask for their input. Meetings keep your organization from turning into a one-person show.